Welsh Eightball Federation Get Onboard!

Welsh Eightball Federation Get Onboard!
Welsh Eightball Federation Get Onboard!
Welsh Eightball Federation Enter 3-Year Partnership with Onboard Sportswear

Onboard Sportswear are proud to announce a three-year partnership with the Welsh Eightball Federation (WEF). This collaboration signifies a commitment to style, quality, and the flourishing sport of Eightball pool. Over the next three years, Onboard Sportswear will have the honour of outfitting the WEF with bespoke international clothing, reflecting the essence and pride of Welsh Eightball on a global stage.

**A Seamless Blend of Style and Sporting Heritage:**
At Onboard Sportswear, we understand the importance of apparel that seamlessly blends style with sporting heritage. As we embarked on this partnership with the WEF, our dedicated design team was eager to create a collection that captures the spirit and uniqueness of the WEF. From the drawing board to the tournament stage, our bespoke international clothing will be a symbol of unity and distinction for the entire WEF community.

**Zak Shepherd, Chairman of the WEF, Expresses Enthusiasm:**
Zak Shepherd, Chairman of the Welsh Eightball Federation, shared his enthusiasm for this exciting collaboration, stating, "We are thrilled to have Onboard Sportswear as our partner for the next three years. Their reputation for delivering top-quality, customised sportswear aligns perfectly with our vision for the WEF. The bespoke clothing they will provide us is more than just apparel; it's a representation of the pride and passion we have for Welsh Eightball."

**A Partnership Beyond Apparel:**
This partnership extends beyond providing clothing; Onboard Sportswear is dedicated to contributing to the WEF's journey by not only enhancing their on-table presence but also fostering a sense of identity and unity among players and fans alike.

Onboard Sportswear - Elevating Style, Embracing Heritage.
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